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Due to Romagnoli’s injury problems, finding a rotating central defender is what AC Milan needs to do now. The Rossoneri have recently been frequently associated with the names of Wesley Fofana, Ayer and others. In the author’s opinion, instead of hitting the potential but inexperienced Fofana and the somewhat overrated Ayer with high prices, the Rossoneri should turn their attention to the Russian arena. Spartak Moscow’s central defender Gigo is very suitable. The choice of Milan.

由于罗马涅利(Romagnoli)的伤病问题,AC米兰现在需要做的是轮换中后卫。罗索内里最近经常与韦斯利·福法纳(Wesley Fofana),艾尔(Ayer)等人的名字联系在一起。作者认为,Rossoneri不应将潜在但经验不足的Fofana和价格过高的Ayer击中,而应将注意力转移到俄罗斯舞台上。莫斯科斯巴达克(Spartak Moscow)的中后卫格戈(Gigo)非常合适。米兰的选择。

Samuel Gigo, born on October 12, 1993, is a French central defender with Algerian descent. He did not make a name for himself in Ligue 1. Instead, he went abroad to make a big splash in the League. Later, he played well in Ghent, and he also won the favor of the Russian super giants Spartak, and transferred to the Moscow Club at a high price. The first season in Spartak was a bit difficult for Giger. Injuries affected his attendance rate. However, in the 2019-20 season Giger gradually showed a performance in line with his worth, and he is still the same this season. The team's main guard, he has excellent contributions on both offense and defense.

塞缪尔·吉戈(Samuel Gigo)生于1993年10月12日,是法国中后卫,有阿尔及利亚血统。他没有在Ligue 1中出名。相反,他出国在联赛中引起了轰动。后来,他在根特打得不错,也赢得了俄罗斯超级豪门斯巴达克的青睐,并以高价转会至莫斯科俱乐部。对于吉格来说,在斯巴达克的第一个赛季有些困难。受伤影响了他的出勤率。但是,在2019-20赛季,吉格逐渐表现出了与他的身价相符的表现,而本赛季他仍然是一样。作为球队的主要后卫,他在进攻和防守上都有出色的贡献。

With a height of 187cm and a weight of 83kg, Ji Ge is a strong central defender. He can also act as a back midfielder or even a full back. The style of the right-footed c亚搏国际体育官方入口entral defender can be said to be quite brave. In the past two seasons, his confrontation success rate in the Russian Super League has been around 70%. In the strong Russian league, he has such a confrontation success rate. Ge's confrontation ability is powerful. In addition, Gigo, who is 187cm tall, also has an excellent ability to compete for the top. His success rate for the top is also around 70%. His excellent bounce ability allows him not only to complete the task of header clearance in his own half, but also Able to score many times for the team in set-piece offenses.


AC Milan needs to find a rotating central defender in the transfer market. St. Etienne's Wesley Fofana and Celtic's Ayer are both targets of the Rossoneri. Compared to them, in fact, the 27-year-old Gigo may be a more suitable defender for Milan. Fofana is young but frizzy, defensively dynamic but lacks experience, not worth the rumored high price of 40 million; Ayer has good skills but not so bright on the defensive end, and some are overrated. ingredient.

AC米兰需要在转会市场中找到轮换的中后卫。圣艾蒂安(St. Etienne)的韦斯利·福法纳(Wesley Fofana)和凯尔特人(Celtic)的爱亚尔(Ayer)都是罗索内里的目标。与他们相比,事实上,现年27岁的Gigo可能是米兰更合适的后卫。福法纳(Fofana)年轻,但毛躁,防守活跃,但缺乏经验,不值得传闻的4000万美元的高价。 Ayer的技术不错,但在防守端却不那么出色,有些人被高估了。成分。

Relatively speaking, Gigo, who is about to turn 27, has a tougher defense, a stronger advantage in strength, and a richer experience in the game. The price is more affordable. Therefore, Milan can consider signing Gigo to strengthen the ball. The team’s line of defense. There are not many teams that are interested in Gigo at present. The three strong teams of Lyon, Marseille and Rennes in Ligue 1 are all interested in signing the Spartak tough guy, while Spartak’s price for Gigo is 15-20 million euros.

相对而言,即将年满27岁的Gigo具有更强悍的防守,更强的实力优势以及更丰富的比赛经验。价格更实惠。因此,米兰可以考虑与吉戈签约以加强球权。球队的防线。目前没有多少团队对Gigo感兴趣。里昂,马赛和雷恩三支实力雄厚的球队在Ligue 1上都对签下Spartak硬汉感兴趣,而Spartak的Gigo价格为15-20百万欧元。

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