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【亚搏彩票app官网登录】徐根宝宠物犬曼联去世 15年见证基地走出多少人才
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【亚搏彩票app官网登录】徐根宝宠物犬曼联去世 15年见证基地走出多少人才

   On the night of October 1, the cool autumn breeze gently blew over the Chongming Genbao football base. 61 young football players, more than 40 coaches and base staff gathered on the turf and sang loudly. This day is also the 13th birthday of the base twins. Birthday cake, signature fried noodles and Mid-Autumn moon cakes. Xu Genbao, Fan Zhiyi, and other coaches and staff of Genbao base celebrated the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival of "Warm the Big Family". .

10月1日晚上,凉爽的秋风轻轻吹过崇明根宝足球基地。 61名年轻的足球运动员,40多名教练和基地人员聚集在草坪上,大声唱歌。这天也是基本双胞胎的13岁生日。生日蛋糕,招牌炒面和中秋月饼。徐根宝,范志毅等根宝基地的教练和工作人员共同庆祝了“温暖大家庭”的国庆和中秋节。 。

As the head of the base, Xu Genbao also raised expectations for these young football players: "The next double festival will be celebrated in 11 years, 2031. At that time, you were 23 or 24 years old, which is the best age for football players. , I hope you can play in the Super League club, and you must work hard to enter the Chinese national team and win glory for the motherland."


   On May 30 this year, the National Football Team disbanded after the training camp in Shanghai, and the national footballers returned home or the club for rest. Zhang Linpeng, Wang Shenchao, Yan Junling, Cai Huikang, Jiang Zhipeng, as well as SIPG and Shenhua players from the "Chongming" team went to Chongming Island to visit their teacher Xu Genbao.


Fan Zhiyi, who is now the Youth Training Director of Genbao Base, said to the juniors at the time: “Among the players cultivated by this base, there are now about 70 players in the Super League. I hope that you must know how to be grateful first. Unity. There is no problem representing the respective clubs on the field, but after you step out, 90 minutes away, no matter which team you play in, one day you will not play, you will still be Chongming's brothers and teammates."


   At that time, Xu Genbao and his disciples also watched the teaching match between the two teams in the base 2006/2008 age group. During the period, Genbao said something about the past: "I suddenly remembered when I was eating a few days ago, the focus of training now is the triangle short pass, and players often can't remember.


   July 7, 2020, coincides with the 20th birthday of Genbao Football Base. On June 1, 2000, the foundation of Chongming Genbao Base was laid; on July 7, the first batch of players moved in. “At that time, the base dormitory was not built, and he lived in the children’s camp first. Later, Cao Yunding had a fever and vomited, worrying that he would have meningitis , All back to the city..." On the way that Chongming disciples rushed to the base to visit their mentor in May this year, Yan Junling, Wang Shenchao and others were still reminiscing about the past.

2020年7月7日,恰好是Genbao足球基地成立20周年。 2000年6月1日,崇明根宝基地奠基; 7月7日,第一批球员搬进来。“那时,基本宿舍尚未建好,他首先住在儿童营地。后来,曹云鼎发烧呕吐,担心自己得了脑膜炎,全都回城了。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。其他人仍在回忆过去。

   Old fans who are familiar with Genbao know that there are two pet dogs at Genbao base: one is called “Manchester United” and the other is called “Barcelona”. These two pet dogs, especially "Manchester United", not only accompanied the coaching staff and base staff on the lonely Chongming Island, but also witnessed Genbao base’s development from scratch, training and transporting 13 international players such as Wu Lei and Yan Junling. .

熟悉根宝的老球迷知道根宝基地有两只宠物狗:一种叫“曼彻斯特联队”,另一种叫“巴塞罗那”。这两只爱犬,尤其是“曼彻斯特联队”,不仅陪伴着孤独的崇明岛上的教练和基地人员,而且亲眼目睹了根宝基地的发展,训练和运送了13名国际球员,如吴磊和颜俊龄。 。

   On the morning of October 12, the pet dog "Manchester United" who accompanied the staff of Genbao base for 15 years died of exhaustion on the training ground of Chongming base. In the morning, Guidance Xu went to downtown Shanghai because of something. "Man United", who had been sluggish before, suddenly jumped out of the cage and ran to the flowerbed near the training ground. He suddenly fell down. The base staff took a large towel and lined it. After 15 minutes, the vital signs disappeared.

10月12日上午,陪同根宝基地工作人员15年的爱犬“曼彻斯特联队”在崇明基地亚搏国际体育官方入口训练场死于筋疲力尽。早上,徐指导因为某种原因去了上海市中心。以前呆滞的“曼联”突然跳出笼子,跑到训练场附近的花坛。他突然摔倒了。基地人员拿了一条大毛巾并排成一列。 15分钟后,生命体征消失。

   In 2005, an old friend who worked in the Shanghai Circus gave Xu a newly-born poodle. The puppy was snow-white and his ears were dyed rose red. It was very cute. Genbao had never had a pet with him before, but he had a close relationship with this puppy. At that time, the team building of Chongming Base entered a stable period. He invited a French coach to take charge of daily training. He was relatively empty, but he was worried that the players would experience inertia and fatigue after several years of closed training, so he had an idea. Named this puppy "Manchester United", "Usually I take it to the sidelines for training, shouting'Manchester United' and'Manchester United' in my mouth, which also reminds the players not to forget our ultimate goal-to create Manchester United in China ."


   Since then, "Manchester United" or Chengshang Beach's most famous pet dog with football elements. Genbao will carry "Manchester United" in training and games. As he said, when he sees Manchester United, he will remember that he has the task of "creating Manchester United in China", and always remember the mission of breaking out of Asia and going to the world. "Manchester United" has also been by Xu's guidance and coaching staff, accompanied him countless times across the Yangtze River from Chongming Island to the city, and also accompanied the team in the second, Chinese and even the Super League.

从那时起,“曼彻斯特联队”或成上海滩最著名的带有足球元素的爱犬。 Genbao将在训练和比赛中搭载“曼联”。正如他所说,看到曼联时,他会记得自己的任务是“在中国创建曼联”,并且永远铭记着走出亚洲走向世界的使命。 “曼联”也曾由徐的指导和教练组陪同,陪同他无数次从崇明岛到市区穿越长江,并随队参加了第二,中国甚至是超级联赛。

In fact, Xu Genbao led this team to represent Shanghai to win the men's football championship at the 2009 Shandong National Games, and won the championships of the second and second leagues. After ten years of grinding, he entered the Chinese Super League, which is comparable to the golden generation of Manchester United's 1992 class. "To create China Manchester United" has long fulfilled its mission. After SIPG acquired shares, the Shanghai SIPG team won the first Chinese Super League trophy in history fo亚搏国际体育官方入口r Shanghai in the 2018 season. Although it has already become famous, but

实际上,徐根宝带领这支球队代表上海赢得了2009年山东全运会男子足球冠军,并获得了第二和第二联赛的冠军。经过十年的磨砺,他进入了中国超级联赛,这堪比曼联1992年的黄金一代。 “创建中国曼联”已经完成了自己的使命。 SIPG收购股票后,上海SIPG团队在2018赛季赢得了上海历史上第一个中国超级联赛奖杯。虽然已经成名,但是

   76-year-old Xu Genbao continues to fight side by side with a group of like-minded coaches and base staff who can also endure loneliness, and then concentrate on cultivating young talents for Shanghai football and Chinese football. Genbao Base currently has 61 young players in the three age groups of 2006, 2007 and 2008. They are willing to follow in the footsteps of Wu Lei and other seniors and pursue their football dreams. In addition, Genbao base has a mixed echelon from 2002 to 2005.


   "The Yangtze River rolls eastward..." In recent years, Guidance Xu would read this poem every time he crossed the Yangtze River Bridge to show his aspirations. Batches of Chongming children have moved from this path to the professional arena, and there are also new teenagers who come in the opposite direction and come here to pursue their dreams. "China's Manchester United are still there, and the goal will definitely succeed!"

“长江滚滚……”近年来,徐志刚每次越过长江大桥以表达自己的愿望时都会读这首诗。成千上万的崇明儿童已从这条道路转移到专业领域,也有新来的少亚搏亚搏国际体育官方入口彩票app官网登录年们朝相反的方向来到这里追求梦想。 “中国的曼联还在那里,目标肯定会成功!”

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